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Exhaust data derived from the online advertising & cybersecurity space

Latest Use Case Studies

Discover the current rate of adoption for Apple iPhone models

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Social network concept

Create projections for the future of the workplace by industry or region

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Working from Home

Identify which companies have greater risk of cyber vulnerability

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London Reflections
Carrier & GPU
Market Share

View trends in market share at the carrier level or by GPU

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Stock Market Graph

Since 2010 we've been helping
the world's largest advertising exchanges & networks monitor
for digital ad fraud

In this process, real-time data is collected from over one billion devices monthly via our JavaScript code, embedded on over 300 million URLs and Apps.

About Us

Potential Data Applications

Data on a Touch Pad

Corporate Interest

Cyber risk analysis of 50,000 public and non-public companies

Using a Smartphone

Telecom Data

Trends for mobile adoption, network coverage, and carrier market share

Working on a Computer

GPU Data

GPU market share across 25% of the world's online population


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