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Alternative Data: Device & Network Traffic

Since 2010, we've been helping the world’s largest advertising exchanges and networks monitor for digital ad fraud. In this process, data is collected via our JavaScript code that’s embedded on over 300 million URLs , collecting detailed digital data from over 1 billion unique website visitors monthly.

The video below explains how we collect our data:

Potential Data Applications:

Track adoption rates and usage patterns at different points in time and identify trends per carrier, per state across:

  • Corporate interest (50,000 public and non-public)

  • Granular telecom data (5G carriers, devices, etc.)

  • Website and app activity

Fast Facts

  • Historical data since September 2017

  • 1,000+ tickers mapped

  • Hourly updates

  • Delivered to client’s S3 bucket

  • GEO Breakout (50% US/Canada, 25% EU, 25% Asia/South America)

Sensor Data Collected

The feed contains 3.5+ GB (400+ MB Compressed size) per hour of data and includes over 20 data fields. Our Data Dictionary Page contains the fields, definitions, examples, notes, and potential use cases of the currently available data. Other potential variables are available upon request.

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